ZUDDHARMA VISION – A committed Journey of Health, Vision and Inner Truth.

ZUDDHA meaning pure, purified, cleansed and faultless

DHARMA meaning universal truth, path or purpose

VISION meaning the ability to see and plan the future with wisdom

The ZUDDHARMA VISION (pronounced Shuddharma) is a journey of transformation that will be coming very soon.



The doors are open to only committed individuals and there is an application form necessary to fill in to see if you resonate with the program, that you are suitable for the process and someone whom I am willing to work with.

Please click on the link button below which will then take you to the short application form.

Once filled in and I feel a resonance that you are good fit for this program I will respond to you with the necessary details to invest. Investment cost below.


The testimonials below were taken from some of the individuals who joined the first offering of the ZUDDHARMA VISION that started in August 2022.

“If you really want to know yourself and make sense of your life’s story, I highly recommend the Zuddharma Vision program. You will finally become the author of your life and release the victim mentality completely!
I was part of the program during a deep personal transformation and always felt guided and supported during the process. Daily yoga practice kept everything flowing, instead of keeping me stuck in certain thoughts or emotions. Daily meditation gave me the time and space to deeply meet myself where I was standing. The orientation along the principles of Ayurveda helped me to align myself with the seasonal change, with the the life cycles and the biological clock of my daily rhythm. It reconciled me with the cyclic nature of life.
The Zuddharma Vision program is a real gem for all who want to gravitate their lives up towards overall well-being, mindfulness and self-awareness.”

“BenJahmin has created a vast volume of content – there is your classic Kundalini Yoga, there is Ayurvedic wisdom, there is biography work and weekly sharing containers and so much more.
I believe with this programme, everyone is getting what they came for! BenJahmin is holding the space in a calm, loving way with no judgement or pressure whatsoever. Whilst the Zuddharma Vision is an ambitious programme, it is also a very safe, deeply nourishing space.
If you commit to one thing this year on your journey as a householder Yogi or Yogini, let it be this!!”

“To be honest, before the program started I was asking myself if I should be a part of this Zuddharma Vision. ‘What can it bring for me if I already have my own vision?’ I asked myself. What I discovered with time was that it gave me this kind of certainty that my vision comes from the humble and compassionate heart. This connection with the heart centre at such a deep level was possible thanks to the guidance of BenJahmin and the support and inspiration of the whole group. Such a gratitude!!!”

“A wonderful journey with beautiful people around the globe, the Zuddharma Vision gave me structure and vision to fully commit to myself. Having worked with BenJahmin before, I dived into the opportunity to be taught by him each day. My life has become a lot clearer and I have firm business plans in place for 2023 which, I believe, have stemmed from the creative energy in this inspirational container. To know that this work is continuing is very reassuring and I am sure I will continue to join in the future.”

“The Zuddharma Vision is no walk in the park and requires a degree of commitment in order to receive the benefits.  In a process of looking into your past, analysing your habits both good and bad, identifying your gifts, improving your way of living with Ayurveda, working with each of the Chakras in turn and deep silent, expansive meditation on the breath you are able to open up a whole new future world you had never imagined possible. BenJahmin has put much time and effort into this course and it is very comprehensive and professional. I would highly recommend it.” Sally

“Zuddharma Vision came just in the right time for me. I was looking for a vision where I can combine all my gifts into one and be successful whilst having a positive impact in my life.
The app contains a great knowledge base, where you can come back whenever you want to do the process in your time, even after the program. Supported by the sweetest teacher within any aspect personally, via chat and mail, BenJahmin always lifts you up if needed. Also you are in exchange with the tribe of like minded lovely people. We still have a strong bond, even if its only remote. The biggest impact for me has been the ZaZen Meditation. The possibility to rest in peace inside your breath gives me the calmness to maintain the manifestation of my vision.”

Here is what is actually included in the journey. 

Pre-Zuddharma Vision 
Getting you signed up to the KundaIionz App and website so you understand how to navigate the course portal and it’s contents. 
Giving you all the relevant information so you are ready to start.
Downloads of all four albums that I have recorded over the past 12 years. 

Zuddharma Vision
   • Access to the KundaLionz App and course portal for all the online streaming and course content. 

• Understanding the principles of Kaizen and the building of perpetual, steadfast and nurturing good habits.

• Weekly guided ‘Lion Hour’ morning practice Monday to Friday( for those that miss the morning class you can engage with the relevant practice anytime using the professionally pre-recorded classes as part of the program).

• Weekly ‘Come Together’ Guided Morning Meditation Monday to Friday. This guided silent sitting meditation is based on the principles of ZaZen meditation. 

• Weekly Wednesday Zuddharma Yoga recorded class that goes into the Zuddharma archive for you to watch anytime of your choosing. 

• A deep guided and powerful Self-Authoring process to release the past over the 14 weeks so you create space to develop your Zuddharma Vision. 

• A 12 week guided written process through the Wheel of Life/ 12 Aspects.

• An 8 week guided Chakra journey entitled ‘From the Root to the Fruit’ which, as each week passes, you develop your Vision through each energy aspect within each Chakra. This all ties into the letting go of the past, unhealthy attachments and negative patterns. 

• Establish your Ayurvedic Dosha type and gain a deep understanding and knowledge about yourself within Ayurveda so you can truly serve yourself once the 120 day journey comes to an end.  Online portal resources surrounding Ayurveda and recipes etc. that will serve beyond the journey itself. 

• One to One Yoga Therapy consultation session with me to ascertain where you are at with your health and life flow. 

• Weekly meet ups to create the sense of community and support the journey. It’s important to me to hear from you and share so we grow together and not just online behind a screen.

• Online ‘Gong Song Journey’ Gong Balm Baths/ Yoga Nidra to support the transformation process and integration.

• Online Chanting gatherings so we can uplift ourselves with mantra and meditation. 

• Fortnightly simple feedback form to fill in online so I can improve, adjust or add so that it serves your process. Helping also with accountability.

• Access to the KundaLionz community Facebook group, KundaLionz App communal topics, the Zuddharma Vision private Facebook group and a Zuddharma Vision private WhatsApp group.

Post Zuddharma Vision
Continued access for 1 month to the Zuddharma Yoga classes archive and weekly classes
Continued weekly check in calls to see how you getting on after the Visionary journey. 
Continued access to the KundaLionz Facebook Group, private Zuddharma Vision Facebook group
Feedback sheet to ascertain how the process was for you. 

As you can see, there is a lot as part of the program and I don’t want you to feel overwhelmed. 
It will all be shared at the correct time and will serve you in a manner that builds upon itself each and every day. 
It needs commitment but not so it interferes too much with your daily life. 
It’s purpose is designed to be an Aquarian process where everyone learns from each other and we develop and grow as One. 
The process is designed also to serve you once the journey ends and you feel supported in continuing your awareness around yourself and your yogic needs. 


(Please email kundalionz@gmail.com for information on coming offerings)

If you wish to invest in yourself and are willing to create a deep, true transformation in your life then please contact me at kundalionz@gmail.com and an investment link shall be sent to you.

Once your payment is received you are booked onto the ZUDDHARMA VISION and your place is sealed. 

Look forward to hearing from you. 
It promises to be a life changing process for all involved and am very much looking forward to our journey together. 

If you any questions please don’t hesitate to email me. 

Only Love
One Love