Wholly Woman

  • July 23, 2021

Wholly Woman Album Cover


After the successful and highly rewarded debut album ‘Japa Man’ and a longer musical pause came the second album ‘Wholly Woman’ from BenJahmin, released in 2012.

Wholly Woman is a humble attempt to assist in the transition of the Divine Dawning of the Aquarian Age. This is a sonic, devotional dedication to the luminous, creative Shakti Force of the Universe. This Divine Feminine force is awakening from a deep sleep that has lasted Millennia upon the 3rd Rock of the Sun, our Mother Earth. As She awakens, the transition hastens and those who align to Her shall be blessed with serenity, peace and the beauty of Her tender, radiant love. The Wholly Woman shall then be Resurrected within this world. As woman realizes her greatest strength and beauty lies within Her vulnerability, Mother Earth shall be saved and the emancipation of both women and men will follow.

Let HIStory become HERstory…

Please Bless and Honour Her.




1. Adi Mantra (Complete)           03:22
2. Bhand Jammee-ai – Woman Jammin’           08:13
3. Ma – Meditation           12:14
4. Adi Shakti           18:24
5. Bhand Jammee-ai – Relaxation           18:38
TOTAL: 60:51