KundaLionz App

A Courageously Free & Creative Collective for the 21st Century

KUNDALIONZ APP has been created as an expression of love for the sharing of Yogic Wisdom & Knowledge in service to realising One’s True Nature and Self.

KUNDALIONZ COMMUNITY & ZUDDHARMA YOGA has been created by BenJahmin in response to the current times that humanity finds itself in.

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It is important to understand that KundaLionz is an attempt at an Aquarian model of truth & sharing. KUNDALIONZ will evolve and grow as the Collective ‘common-unity’ develops, assisted by the response & feedback received.

The ‘KUNDALIONZ’ App offers a continual source of free & paid yogic sharings that inspire creativity and commitment to One’s yoga practice and journey through life.

WHAT IS AVAILABLE? Below is the offerings available at present with more to come in the coming months.

KUNDALIONZ APP A free Web and mobile App that allows access to your free content, paid online classes, monthly subscriptions, workshops and courses. SIGN UP!

THE LION HOUR A daily morning practice of Zuddharma Yoga guided and lead by BenJahmin. These morning classes will run weekly from Monday to Friday as a monthly subscription.

COME TOGETHER A free, daily live-streamed morning meditation for all levels of experience running from Monday to Friday. All are welcome.

ZUDDHARMA YOGA WEEKLY CLASS A two hour recorded live-streamed Zuddharma Yoga class every Thursday evening. This is available as weekly payment or as a monthly subscription.

THE GONG SONG JOURNEY An online Gong Balm meditation and relaxation live-streamed on Sunday evening when advertised.

ZUDDHARMA YOGA THERAPY CONSULTATIONS One to One online Zuddharma Yoga Therapy consultations with BenJahmin.

BROTHER & SISTER – YOGA & AYURVEDA A 3 Day online retreat to explore the deep relationship between the Yogic System of Realisation & the Healing System of Ayurveda.

VISHUDDHA VISION A 40 day committed journey to discover your Inner Truth, Creative Voice & Pure Song

ZUDDHARMA VISION A 14 week committed yogic journey of health, vision, excellence and inner truth.

KUNDALIONZ aims is to support, nurture & nourish your life’s expression & assist it into its full potential & being.

Click on the relevant button above to register for the free KundaLionz Mobile/ Web App.

Registering is necessary.


Let us discover Unity together.
Let us discover the One as One.
Let us courageously discover as KUNDALIONZ

Only Love
One Love