Come Together

COME TOGETHER – Guided Meditation
with BenJahmin

07.05 – 07.35 (GMT/ UK Time)
Monday, Wednesday & Friday

COME TOGETHER is a Guided Meditation shared via Zoom each week (Monday, Wednesday & Friday)

This guided silent sitting meditation is based on the principles of ZaZen meditation, which basically translates as sitting meditation.

It is a half hour journey into the depths of being by following the guided voice of BenJahmin and the fundamental commitments necessary to ‘be’ in what is ‘true’ meditation.

The true art of meditation is about allowing everything to be as it and not interfering with the mental frequencies that you may be experiencing within the time period of sitting.

Basically to let go of the meditator, meaning the part of you that is ‘trying’ to still the mind, make something happen or create a certain state.

Once the meditator has been relenquished, the open space of awareness and consciousness can unfold into your natural state of being. A stateless state of ever flowing awareness of what simply ‘is’.

This stateless state that can be best described simply as ‘now’.

Click on the button below to register for the monthly subscription for the COME TOGETHER meditation on the KUNDALIONZ App.

The investment for the monthly subscription is £14 and can be cancelled anytime.

Registering is necessary.

Once registered to the free KUNDALIONZ App you will find the relevant ZOOM LINK for the daily meditation.

The COME TOGETHER meditation will start at 07.05 (GMT/ UK Time) every Monday, Wednesday & Friday and will finish at 07.35 (GMT/ UK Time).

It will follow on directly from THE LION HOUR’ Zuddharma Yoga practice that will have started at 05.45 (GMT/UK Online).

For those who have signed up to THE LION HOUR commitment, COME TOGETHER will naturally flow seamlessly into the meditation sharing at 07.05 (GMT/UK Online).

It is not necessary to stay on for the COME TOGETHER meditation sharing if you have signed up to THE LION HOUR commitment, yet it is highly recommended to extend your morning practice by staying for the guided silent sitting.

To be prepared for COME TOGETHER sharing please arrive 5 minutes early, already comfortably seated on your meditation cushion or chair ready to begin.

The sharing will begin as soon as you arrive onto the Zoom call so a willingness to flow immediately into the silent sitting is requested. It will assist in creating a smooth and deeper experience for all.

For further information please contact BenJahmin on the email address below.


Thank you

Only Love
One Love