THE VISHUDDHA VISION is a 40 day committed Journey of Discovering your Original Truth, Creative Voice & Pure Song

The first offering of this sharing coming soon.

The 40 day journey will begin sometime in 2024

The journey is flexible in that if you miss morning sessions then you can catch up on the professionally pre-recorded version of the morning class relevant to the process and day we are in. 
Wanted to offer this as life throws curve balls which effects our plans. 
This way it can be practiced within your own time. 

What is included in the Vishuddha Vision?
Here is what is actually included in the journey. 

Pre-Vishuddha Vision 

• Getting you signed up to the KundaIionz App and website so you understand how to navigate the course portal and it’s contents. 

• Giving you all the relevant information so you are ready to start.

• Downloads of all four albums that I have recorded over the past 12 years.

 Vishuddha Vision

• Access to the KundaLionz App and course portal for all the online streaming and course content. 

• Understanding the principles of Kaizen and the building of perpetual, steadfast and nurturing good habits. 

• Weekly guided ‘Lion Hour’ morning practice Monday & Friday( for those that miss the morning class you can engage with the relevant practice anytime using the professionally pre-recorded classes as part of the program)

• Weekly KundalEssence Thursday recorded class that goes into the KundalEssence archive for you to watch anytime of your choosing. 

• Daily meditation/ chanting sessions in the evening to develop the connection to the Vishuddha Chakra and voice. All of these recorded to be accessed wherever and whenever it is suitable for you.

• Online Sunday Meditation/ Chanting gatherings so we can uplift ourselves with mantra and meditation. 

• Weekly meet ups to create the sense of community and support the journey and to create accountability. It’s important to me to hear from you and share so we grow together and not just online behind a screen. 

• A deep guided and powerful audio journaling process to document your Vishuddha Vision, develop you’re speaking/singing voice and communication skills.

• Vocal exercises and practices to engage with in your own time to develop your voice, vocal cords and power of projection.

• Establish your Ayurvedic Dosha type and gain a deep understanding and knowledge about yourself within Ayurveda so you can truly serve yourself once the 40 day journey comes to an end.  Online portal resources surrounding Ayurveda and recipes etc. that will serve beyond the journey itself. 

• Fortnightly simple feedback forms to fill in online so I can improve, adjust or add so that it serves your process. Helping also with accountability. 

• Access to the KundaLionz community Facebook group, KundaLionz App communal topics, the Vishuddha Vision private Facebook group and the Vishuddha Vision WhatsApp/ Signal Group.

• As the process evolves over the 40 days additional content and knowledge is added as and when the inspiration arises.

Post Vishuddha Vision

• Continued access for 1 month to the KundalEssence classes archive and weekly classes

• A one to one half hour check in call to see how you getting on after the Vishuddha Vision journey. 

• Continued access to the KundaLionz Facebook Group and private Vishuddha Vision Facebook group

• Feedback sheet to ascertain how the process was for you. 

As you can see, there is a lot as part of the program and I don’t want you to feel overwhelmed. 
It will all be shared at the correct time and will serve you in a manner that builds upon itself each and every day. 
It needs commitment but not so that it interferes too much with your daily life. 
It’s purpose is designed to be an Aquarian process where everyone learns from each other and we develop and grow as One. 
The process is designed also to serve you once the journey ends and you feel supported in continuing your awareness around yourself and your yogic needs.

PLEASE EMAIL kundalionz@gmail.com if you are interested in joining this yogic process.

Only Love

One Love