All & Nothing

  • July 21, 2021



‘All & Nothing’ is a true celebration of the accumulation of 10 years of singing, writing, recording and touring the sacred mantras and devotional songs that are presented in this album. Over the years of sharing these devotional musical offerings across the world in their live form, or appearing deep within the flow of a yoga class, BenJahmin has listened to the feedback from the devoted listener and the chosen favourites have been compiled into this album for you to enjoy.

The chosen mantras have been taken from BenJahmin’s three previously released albums (Japa Man, Wholly Woman and Live In Budapest) with the addition of Pavan Guru Pani Pitta (Shalok) being his first recorded offering taken from a compilation album of various artists entitled ‘Wheel Of Sound’ on the label Maya Records. This album also celebrates the two recently recorded mantras entitled ‘Mul Mantra (Extended 11 Recitations)’ and ‘Guru Guru Vahe Guru’, which completes the albums intended concept of ten mantras representing the 10 years of discovery and realization that this adventure has brought.

‘All & Nothing’ is a journey into the depths of the Self, guided by the devotional musical Presence and voice of BenJahmin who yearns for you to join him in its peace, serenity and undivided joy.
Only Love, One Love…




1. Mul Mantra (11 Recitations) 11:54
2. Aadays Tisai Aadays 7:46
3. Gayatri Mantra – Guru Guru Vahe Guru            (Live) 10:00
4. Pavan Guru Pani Pitta (Shalok) 7:19
5. Ma (Meditation) 12:15
6. Ray Man Shabd (Live) 8:09
7. Adi Shakti 18:24
8. Japa Man Sat Nam 7:28
9. Guru Guru Vahe Guru 12:14
10. Longtime Sunshine – Sat Nam (Live) 5:32
TOTAL: 1:41:10