The Gong Song Journey

THE GONG SONG JOURNEY – Gong Balm Meditation & Relaxation
with BenJahmin

19.00 -20.00 (GMT/ UK Time)
Whenever announced.


THE GONG SONG JOURNEY is an online Gong Balm meditation and relaxation shared via Zoom. 

The journey will last an hour and will consist of a short guided meditation to connect to the breath and sink into the body before the surrender to the sonic power of the Gong itself.  

Please click on the button below to register for the class via the KundaLionz web app.

Registering via the web app is necessary.

The Zoom link for the sharing will be sent out after booking.

Please log into your account 5 minutes before the event to prepare yourself and to avoid any disruptions. 

Once we have connected in together you will be asked to switch off your Zoom camera and audio to create a better WiFi connection for you to receive the Gongs vibration. 

My camera will also be switched off prior to playing the Gong to improve the sound quality. 

THE GONG SONG JOURNEY – A Gong Balm Meditation & Relaxation

The GONG SONG JOURNEY will be being recorded with two professional microphones and set up to make sure the sounds you receive are of the highest quality. 

It is recommended that you wear headphones for the session to increase the effects of the experience but it is not a necessity. Please do not have the volume turned up too loud on the headphones. 

The session will NOT be excessively loud with intense crashing sounds that disturb the nervous system. 

It is a journey into the Womb of the Universe through its sound and resonance with an intent for the deepest healing. 

Only Love
One Love