Kundal [ koon-dl ] noun noun: Hinduism

  • coil.
  • lock of the beloved, representing the inherent power and potential within every human being.
Kundalini [ koon-dl-ee-nee ] noun noun: Hinduism

  • (in yoga) Kundalini Shakti is the latent female energy believed to lie coiled at the base of the spine.
  • the vital force lying dormant within one until activated by the practice of yoga, which leads one toward spiritual power and eventual liberation.
KundaLion [ koon-dl-lahy-uhn ] noun noun: created by BenJahmin

  • is a courageous, committed individual who has chosen to come together in strength, unity and purpose to the Sacred Yogic Collective and community based project that is KundaLionz.

KundaLionz [ koon-dl-lahy-uhns ] noun noun: created by BenJahmin

  • is a representation of a ‘pride’ of individuals who come together in courage, strength and unity to share the journey of yogic discovery into One’s True Nature.
  • is a Sacred Yogic Kollective and community based project for sharing the wisdom of the yogic teachings from different traditions in the form of an online and earthly Presence.
  • being a play on the word of Kundalini, has an intent of tapping into the inherent potential and power of being human through the many different yogic/ spiritual traditions and teachings.

Lion [ lahy-uhn ] (female lioness) noun plural noun: lionsplural nounLions

  • a large tawny-coloured cat that lives in prides, found in Africa and north-western India.
  • a brave, strong, courageous or fierce person.