The True Gift

A spoken word musical offering by BenJahmin

Taken from the book ‘The Silence of the Heart’ written by Paul Ferrini

The spoken words by BenJahmin within ‘The True Gift’ are taken from the book entitled ‘The Silence of the Heart’ written by Paul Ferrini.

The chapter within the book, entitled ‘The Gift’, inspired the music to be added to enhance its beautiful message and to then share it with the world.

Paul Ferrini kindly passed on his blessing for these words from ‘The Silence of the Heart’ to be shared in this way.

If you enjoyed the offering within the video above then an audio copy of ‘The True Gift’ can be sent to you by making a donation from the donor box below.

The offering is by donations and anything received is deeply appreciated to honour the energetic exchange. 

The actual donation is left to the recipient according to their financial means and situation. 

Once a donation is kindly received, the email address connected to the donation sent will receive the MP3 recording of ‘The True Gift’.

Any enquiries or questions please email kundalionz@gmail.com

Thank you

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