A Simple & Sweet, Slow & Deep 40 Day Meditative Autumnal Celebration

This offering is deeply rooted within the need for us as human beings to slow down, relax, replenish and find a deeper meditative connection with the evenings of these dark nights running up to Winter. 
I felt no better way to celebrate this Autumnal season than sharing the meditative need of that sweet, inner sanctuary with anyone who wishes to join me. 
The darkness of these nights are now asking us to slooooowwww right down and align to the hibernating energy that the rest of nature is embracing.  

This offering will involve a commitment of 30 to 40 minutes of pranayama/meditation and chanting every weekday starting from Monday 14th November to Friday 23rd December. 
These meditative gatherings will deeply nurture connection, community, accountability and the precious need to simply slow down into the sweetness of the moment. 
The Autumn season requires a connection to the energy of sweetness and the root of stillness. 
This is represented within nature by the food that grows underground and that provides the nourishing sweet essence that balances the excessive air quality within nature. 
Within Ayurveda this all about balancing and harmonising the Vata quality of life which is aggravated with too much stress, busyness and denying the request of nature to SLOW DOWN, relax and take stock of the year. 

This promises to be a truly uplifting, nurturing and relaxing 40 day journey together. The pranayamas,meditations and chants will be specifically chosen to harmonise the Vata quality of life and bring about the DEEP REST that the body is asking from each and every one of us. 

Nourishing the heart, mind and body of each and every one of us within a communal cyber setting. Guiding us all together towards the Christmas Season within a unified healing field of peace, serenity and harmony.

All of this will be shared via the latest KUNDALIONZ App every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday & Friday at 18.30 UK Time. 
The Zoom sessions will be recorded and uploaded to the KUNDALIONZ App for those who are unable to make that particular days gathering or time zone. So you will never miss a session!
The Thursday evening session will be a KundalEssence 2 hour yoga class starting at 18.00 (UK Time) which also be recorded and added to the KUNDALESSENCE archive which you will have access to for the whole 40 days. 

I also feel inspired to share the principles of Ayurveda with you so you can actually learn about its incredible wisdom on a deeper level to nurture yourself further. 
This will include an extensive Ayurvedic questionnaire, hours of pre-recorded videos delving deep into the principles of Ayurveda and how to harmonise your particular Dosha type once you have discovered it. 
This truly is invaluable knowledge to have witin these crazy times and will deeply benefit you when incorporated into your lives. 


*Access to the KUNDALIONZ App & Web App for all of the 40 day content and recordings. This can be accessed on a phone (iPhone & Android), iPad or laptop via the KUNDALIONZ Web App.

* For 40 days an evening pranayama/meditation/ chanting Zoom session running every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday at 18.30 UK TIME. All of the sessions are recorded for your access at any time via the KUNDALIONZ App.

*For 40 days every Thursday evening there will be a KUNDALESSENCE 2 hour Zoom yoga class starting at 18.00 (UK Time) which shall also be recorded and added to the KUNDALESSENCE ARCHIVE on the KUNDALIONZ App which you will have access to for the whole 40 days.

*Ayurvedic Questionnaire and video guidance around how to harmonise you Dosha type and develop a Dinacharya (daily yogic routine) that will harmonise your body & mind within this Autumnal season and beyond. The videos will be pertaining to the Dosha types Vata, Pitta & Kapha, how to harmonise them within yourself by recognising their imbalances as well as detailed videos concerning developing your digestion, Dinacharya (daily yogic routine) and Ritucharya (seasonal discipline).

* At the end of the 40 days you will receive a Gift from myself to Celebrate Christmas and our 40 days sharing together.

To join this 40 day sharing please use the button below to make the investment of £108.

You will have to sign up to the KUNDALIONZ APP before making payment

If you find yourself in financial difficulty then please email me at kundalionz@gmail.com to be able to make an investment plan of 2 payments of £54 over two months.

Once payment is made then you will receive further information by Saturday 12th November.

Only Love

One Love