Its the Most Wonderful Time of the Year.
So it gives me much joy to be able to share these ‘CHRISTMAS’ OFFERS’ in the Spirit of The Coming Season.
This Christmas I would like to offer deals on my online yoga class subscriptions and course. 
These offers will continue to run up to the 24th December.

The first offer is the 2 for 1 subscriptions.

The subscriptions on offer are the 5 days a week morning practice entitled THE LION HOUR and the weekly 2 hour KUNDALESSENCE CLASS every Thursday.

Both are all accessed through the KUNDALIONZ APP.

Basically you will INVEST for one subscription and you will receive the other for free for a whole 12 MONTHS from the moment you sign up.

For more information on the offerings click on the images below for what it is you will receive within each.

The subscription can be cancelled at anytime but will run for 12 months with the combined investment of £33 for both subscriptions. Each subscription is normally £33 each.

Each subscription comes with the practices being recorded and added to the KUNDALIONZ App for you to use at a time that suits you. This is helpful if you live in a different time zone to the United Kingdom.

The LION HOUR recorded practices are added each weekday to the KUNDALIONZ App but will be removed on each Monday to make space for the relevant practice for the following week. The KUNDALESSENCE MONTHLY recorded practices are continually added to the KUNDALIONZ App where they are growing each week within the KUNDALESSENCE MONTHLY archive.

Simply click on the button below and it will take you to the investment page once you have signed up to the KUNDALIONZ App which can be accessed on your i-Phone or Android device, iPad and laptop.