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  • JAPA MAN Album Cover

    Japa Man

    This was the debut album from BenJahmin released in 2010, fusing Kundalini Yoga mantras with deep reggae spirit.

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  • Wholly Woman Album Cover

    Wholly Woman

    The second album ‘Wholly Woman’ from BenJahmin, released in 2012, is a sonic, devotional dedication to the luminous, creative Shakti Force of the Universe.

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  • Live in Budapest Album Cover

    Live In Budapest

    The 3rd album by BenJahmin, entitled ‘Live In Budapest’, was released in 2014. It was recorded on the 21st March/ Spring Solstice 2014 in Budapest and it captured the essence of the mantras live and stripped down to their bare core and raw devotion.

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  • All & Nothing Album Cover

    All & Nothing

    Released in 2016 as a compilation album, ‘All & Nothing’ is a journey into the depths of the Self, guided by the devotional musical Presence and voice of BenJahmin who yearns for you to join him in its peace, serenity and undivided joy.

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